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    I sit ergonomically like so: http://www.pace.edu/general-services/sites/pace.edu.general-services/files/EHS/Ergonomics/Ergonomics.png

    My arm rests are made of leather-like material, so my forearm sticks to it a bit. When I am using my mouse, I find that I can only move left to right about 4-5 inches, reason being my forearm is stuck to the arm rest. When moving up/down with my mouse, I can only move about 1 inch because again, my entire forearm/wrist is stuck to the arm rest. 

    For me to move my mouse cursor across the screen, I have to swipe all the way to the right, pick up the mouse, move it to the left, and then swipe all the way to the right. This is very annoying to do because I am always moving the mouse cursor across the screen to do something. 

    What am I doing wrong?

    What I've tried:

    1) I've tried increasing sensitivity and then the cursor just moves too fast.

    2) If I lower my chair so that only my elbows touch the arm rest, then I have a bigger range of motion, but eventually my elbows start hurting.



    Hi EddieLai

    I would look at the settings of your mouse. When you do mouse work you shouldn't have to move your arm back and forth as much as you are stating. I utilize two large monitors and to move from one side on one montior to the far side of the other monitor I only have to move my mouse 2 inchs. Look at the pointer adjustment and have it about mid point and the setting. This should allow you a greater range of motion on your monitor with minimal movement of you mouse.

    Hope this works



    Hi Eddie: 

    It sounds like all of your issues are related to the armrests on your chair.  I would remove them.  There's probably a screw or handle underneath the bottom of the chair that would allow you to remove them.  Otherwise, contact your chair vendor and see if they will make a service call to remove them.





    The problem seems to be that your forearm sticks to the leather-like material of the arm rest. I would suggest that you change the arm rest – forearm interface by draping a thin towel over the arm rest and seeing how that works. If it solves the problem, ask your vendor to provide an arm rest with a different material.



    Not clear which one you think might be a better option. Anyway, please look at Peter Budnick's excellent review "Ergonomics Theory in Computer Mouse Design" <https://ergoweb.com/news/detail.cfm?id=2724> which should answer all your questions.




    The condition appears to be that your particular forearm is to the leather-like substance on the arm remainder. I recommend that you just change this arm remainder — forearm interface simply by draping a new slender bath towel above the arm remainder as well as seeing how that operates. In the event that the item covers the condition, inquire your supplier to deliver a good arm remainder that has a diverse substance.

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