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    I have recently seen an Ophthalmologist who is struggling with his left arm when using a slit lamp.  The Ophthalmologist examines the patient’s eyes through the eyepieces of the machine but is then required to look at them further by using a small hand held magnifying glass.  When the Ophthalmologist is examining the patient’s left eye he will hold the magnifying glass with his right and then switch over to his left hand when examining the patient’s right eye.  Currently, the Ophthalmologist is struggling to raise his left arm up sufficiently to hold the glass in front of the patient’s eye. 

    I am therefore looking for a height adjustable arm rest that could clamp onto the work surface (430 mm depth) and allow him arm support around 200 – 230 mm above the work surface.  I have not found anything that might be suitable but I can’t believe that there is nothing on the market somewhere!!  Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

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    The lens you are referring to is likely a VOLK lens and there are holders of those that connect to the slit lamp. I recently purchased one myself and it holds the lens exactly where it is needed but has the flexibility to move easily to any position.

    You can find them at: http://www.volk.com and look under products/lens accessories.

    good luck


    Dr. Jeffrey Anshel


    Corporate Vision Consulting


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    I have used Ergo Rest Articulating Arm Supports for this very purpose.  The doctor loves them and has them in each exam room.  I ordered them from Office Relief, a vendor in northern California, but Google will find them for you.  They are intended to support the arms when keying, but I have used them in many different applications.  Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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