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    I have just been asked to consult on a few cement truck drivers that are complaining of "sore backs". They also complain about getting in and out of the truck numerous times in a shift. Is there any literature or recent research available that addresses these types of issues?

    Also, engineering fixes for in/out accessibility issues. I have tried to attach a photo of the cement trucks as reference but the site will not allow this.

    thank you!



    Hi Brent,  You might consider looking at the booklet by Robin McKenzie, "Treat Your Own Back". It would certainly help to specifically evaluate them but a middle aged male that sits a lot will often feel "stiff’ as a result of increased disc pressure. This usually begins at 35-40 yo and older but sometimes earlier. The booklet describes in detail self-correction exerecises to reduce the disc pressure. To maintain the reduction a lumbar roll/support would be needed. In a few cases (although less so for a male of that age) if the patient had an increased lumbar curve as their normal spine position a lumbar roll wouldn’t be indicated as it might exacerbate the problem. Good booklet–there’s also one called "Treat Your Own Neck".  The problem you described is often seen in trick drivers in general and those who sit a lot. It’s harder on the indivdual that first sits a lot to pre-load the disc and then gets out of the truck and does lifting etc without unloading the disc (via the self-treatment exercises).  There’re really asking for trouble ad the disc is just waiting to get irritated.  The self treatment really works well and then follow up with the lumbar support.

                                               Hope this helps,

                                               Kurt Klemm PT Cert. MDT  CEAS


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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