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    We are having some maternity nurse injuries while they are holding up patients legs in a flexed position during the pushing phase of labor.  Any ergo suggestions?  Thought about trying a lift with a repositioning sling or limb slings to assist in supporting pts legs.  Has anyone had any experience using ceiling lifts or floor based lifts(Maximove) to assist with this type of situation?  Any other positioning ideas?  Thanks.



    We had this issue brought forward by our staff in the past.  Clinical best practice is to use the stirrups on the birthing beds.  Many of our experienced nurses, educators and physicians all agreed that the use of stirrups is the way to go.  If you do not have birthing beds, you need to get the right equipment for the job.



    We do have birthing beds with stirrups.  However, during the pushing phase the nurses lift the pts legs up off of the stirrups with their knees up higher towards their chest to assist with more effective pushing.  I plan to meet with staff next week.  I will check to see if the stirrups can be raised higher.  Thanks for your response. 



    I guess they have thought about encouraging women to give birth in other positions, such as kneeling? Two of mine came that way – some time ago now, though. BTW, I'm a bloke. I was only involved in the fun part.



    some of our faciclities use the father and family to assist with leg holding.. Another factor is the attitude of the MD…some insist that the legs are held instead of using the stirrups –

    Someof the newer birthing beds have a more robust and more adjustable leg holder… We have not used a lift of any kind during deliveries –

    Good luck – i will keep watching this as it is a common problem.

    Natalie Campaneria PT, CEES

    Ergonomics Specialist

    Baptist Health South Florida

    Miami, FL

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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