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    Hi all,

    I was asked by a colleague in another company  —

    "Do you have any good yet simple carpal tunnel exercises that I can use for some of my computer operators?  I have a few early cases that I am trying to minimize with exercise. "

    Does anyone know of any such exercises and where could I find a description of them?  I’d like to provide him with something that includes illustrations / photos (or perhaps even movie clips).  I want to recommend something that is credible of course.  The most appropriate link I found quickly was this:


    And being a U of Mich graduate biases me toward this reference also, of course  =)

    Also, what is your opinion on minimizing early cases of CTS with exercising?  Is this the best approach?  Are there other more appropriate methods that should be used or used in addition to exercises?



    Jean Schiller, CPE, C.P.S.M.
    Tenor Design LLC
    [email protected]
    734-913-0855  cell
    313-295-2292  land



    Hello Jean

    I don’t have any specific recommendations for you,but I did have then two websites amoung my information. I have not reviewed them in depth for their credibility but the later one does have a video.



    I hope it gives you a place to start.





    The most benefit of exercises is that they can get people away from the keyboard and mouse for a few minutes!  The exercises that suggest pulling the hand into terminal extension or flexion ignore the published findings that such maximal postures can mechanically change the shape of the carpal tunnel, increasing compression on the median nerve.  In already symptomatic people, this could make matters worse.

    In the Human-Task-Equipment-Environment System model, it is all too easy to force change on the Human, rather than identify the true sources of risks and dealing with them.  Exercises are, in my opinion, only a band-aid.

    Don Morelli CPE
    [email protected]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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