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    Does anyone have any suggestions on carrying food trays 1 handed? – the standards for Carrying from Snook and Ciriello refer only to 2-handed carrying and are not is a posture typically associated with having to not spill the load! ..

    Any thoughts on Max acceptable weights for females with posture of elbow flexed at 90 degrees, Total supination of the forearm and the wrist in neutral? Load 7-16#

    The other hand is needed to open door, and move objects..



    Any chance you can post photos and/or diagrams of the two methods?


    [private user]

    There are two pdf files from the Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia that may be helpful



    There is no reference to weight load limitations and distance to be travelled.




    My suggestion is not to advocate a system of work that involves “carrying food trays 1 handed”. Any asymmetrical work posture is likely to be awkward (and “unergonomic”) if it makes loads and forces excessive and this tends to happen all too often. I imagine that this is probably why Snook did not include I-handed data.


    David McFarlane MAppSc (Ergonomics)

    Ergonomist, WorkCover NSW



    Any recommendation concerning the use or representation of a particular brand of product in this document or any mention of them whatsoever (whether this appears in the text, illustrations, photographs or in any other form) is not to be taken to imply that WorkCover NSW approves or endorses the product or the brand.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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