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    I am working with an employee who has had several injuries to their tailbone which makes sitting uncomfortable and often painful. The worker is a heavy computer user and their duties and workstation are very geared towards sitting work.

    I was told that there are chairs are designed for people with tailbone injuries and am curious if anyone has experience with these chairs as well as possible manufacturers. Other options or types of seating devices are welcome as well.


    Steve Morrissey

    Ergonomics Consultant, Oregon OSHA Consultation



    [private user]

    Re; the original post about tailbone problems, Reimers chair manufacturers’ RFMseating.com, has done a custom tailbone cut in the past. 
    I am really interested in the ergo-sitter discussed in this post, the Swedish chair with the back end that releases towards the floor.  Has anyone actually experienced a sit in this chair?  If yes, please share your experience.

    Thank you.Beverly Burke RN CMA CIE



    There are also numerous chair cushions and inserts that have a cutout for the coccyx (tailbone).  Try looking at the relaxtheback.com site, as well as obusforme.com.  I have often suggested a sit/stand station to eliminate sitting for too long a periods. This type of computer station would involve a good adjustable chair while sitting, but also a height adjustable table that can raise up to be used while standing.  One other solution is a work station that can be used with a chair that reclines.  If this person is more comfortable in a semi-reclined position (usually takes the pressure off the tailbone), there are good reclining chairs and tables that can accomodate this position.  I would steer you towards the relaxtheback.com site to see some of their products for semi-reclined work positioning.



    Steve: I have used the BodyBilt chair, and liked it, but before I would spend the money on a whole chair, you might consider trying closed cell wheelchair cushions. they are very good for reducing pressure, and expensive as far as a cushion goes, but less expensive than a chair. Barbara Daugherty PHD, RN, ATP Pro Physical Therapy


    [private user]

    I just noticed this product that might help in a situation like this.  I have NOT tried it, and welcome posting of any user experience.  "The AIRGO® Active Cushion …..  can also relieve pressure on the pelvic floor and prostate. ….. "

    DanDan Gottesman



    We have had great success with the Soma line of chairs. They will make a chair with a coccyx cutout with the fabric sewn around the cutout or for the more timid an invisible cutout.

    Berkeley, CA

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