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    Moderator's Note: Be sure to read further down in this discussion thread where we expose this member as a fraud.

    Hello there I am a new member here; my name is Math, a full-time Dad to my 2-year old son Andrew. The reason I signed-up here is to seek advice. My child always cries to the point that it lasts over hours and even days. I did everything, I gave him milk, change his diapers, give him a cereal meal, carry him, everything. A friend of mine advised me to consult a chiropractic doctor to see my child’s condition. Do you think it can really help? If so, how?

    Thanks for your responses.





    Hi Matt,

    I'm not sure how you found us, but just so you know, this is a forum for ergonomists, and we deal with issues related to the way people interact with their environments and musculoskeletal issues associated with the physical demands of work,  so I'm not sure that we're the best people to answer your questions.  I am an ergonomist and occupational therapist, and I know a bit about chiropractic, as I almost decided to go to school to become one! 

    In short, chiropractors, like many doctors, have their areas of expertise, and not every chiropractor would necessarily be appropriate for you and your son's issues.  That said, chiropractors have a reputation for applying medicine-free treatments, and these may be beneficial for your son.  They also do spinal manipulation called "adjustments", and the thought is that these affect the nervous system to correct imbalances and nerve dysfunctions.   As with any healthcare treatment, not all treatments are evidence based (backed up by research).  Spinal manipulation may be helpful for certain things, and I have heard lots of anecdotes about chiropractic treating a variety of ailments, collicky babies is among those. 

    As a father of two boys myself, I would suggest starting with your pediatrician and see if you can get a diagnosis about what may be going on.  In my opinion, MDs are the best professionals to diagnose, and chiropractors would be a second choice if the MD isn't helpful.  I have also found chiropractors to overtreat, and try to perpetuate their practice by having their patients return to them for two, three or more treatments per month.  The spine has many joints, and the joints are stabilized by ligaments.  It seems to me that if the joints are over-manipulated, they may become too lax or unstable possibly creating other problems.  So, if you do decide to see a chiro, I'd be wary of how much manipulation they recommend.  Also, if the treatments aren't helping over a reasonable period of time, say 2 weeks, I would suggest re-evaluating the treatment and your son's needs.   Just my opinion.  I'd bet the chiropractors on this forum will probably give me an earful. 

    I wish you the best in finding a solution for your son's issues.  The infant years are wonderful, but challenging, too, as you know!






    By now your curiosity may have lead you to search the internet. I recommend you talk to your friends and visit a chiropractor that they recommend. If you'd like reputable internet source or a pediatric specialist you may find a referral link on this web site: icap4kids.org.

    Chiropractic care for children is always gentle and never necessary for extended periods as children respond to chiropractic more dramatically than adults. If the issue is a chiropractic one you will see results quickly.

     A chiropractor should be your choice always before drugs and surgery which is most commonly what any MD will offer.

    There's no arguing that many parents swear by chiropractic.  I have helped many kids and know many grateful parents. Always go to the horses mouth. Just with any medic, vet or dentist, some you like, some you don't. Lots of folks with no personal experience will express strong opinions.

    Don DC



    thank you very much for your response and sharing your opinions. What am I going to try first is seek of an advice and consultation  from a pediatrician and see if the prescribed medicine will work. But if not then I would try to see a chiropractor.

    Again thank you,…

    Have  a great day



    After being inundated with what appear to be innocent questions that invariably bring up chiropractors as a solution to a problem, we did a little research, and guess what we found? This message is fraudulent. It was posted by a chiropractor, or someone masquerading as a chiropractor. We have to admit, we suspected it from the start, but we gave "math" the benefit of the doubt. Our mistake. It was the first of what we now see as a pattern of fraudulent messages being perpetrated around the internet. No telling who is behind the fraud, but it appears to generally promote chiropractic care, not necessarily specific practitioners. However, we have been able to trace messages back to specific chiropractors, though we have no idea if they are operating on their own, or if this is a "professionally" sanctioned, orchestrated effort to promote the field through fraudulent methods. You be the judge. 

    Either way, it won't continue in the Ergoweb Forums.


    The Ergoweb Team



    Thank you for your due diligence on this one Ergo Team. It became very obvious to me upon reading this that self promotion was occurring.

    Again as I always advise people who have questions around medicine, rehabilitation medicine etc is to use only the good science that is readily available in the literature and on line. Google, Wikepedia , self help forums and sights sponsored by pharmaceutical firms etc are not necessary representative of the best evidence in determing solid answers. I always urge readers and clients to go to sights affiliated with bona fide high level Universities who have specialists in the area of study being queried. Example go to McMaster University in Canada to pull data and articles from the world wide research group Cochrane Group about the management of back injuries and pain; or go to the work by Snook and Ciriello to learn more about manual materials handling, and use the PhD and Masters of Science level authors and contributors to this site for example (I was not paid or asked to say this but use this sight as an ergonomic specialist and Physiotherapist for its proper use of scientific evidence) to gain a proper understanding of the science of ergonomics.

    Having said this let's turn to some of the current evidence about chiropractic care – specifically the manipulation of the spine and joints of a child whose growth plates are not closed over- the research has shown for many many years that manipulation of the bones of children has a high probability of damaging the growth plates and therefore the normal develpment of the long bones of the body and the vertebrae. Bottom line therefore is kids up to the age of maturation of the growth plates should not at any time have manipulative treatment on the part of any chiropractor or physiotherapist who performs these manouvres. I hope this helps.


    Jane Sleeth OPC Inc 

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