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    I work for an IT company since last 15+ years and developed Computer RSI during this employment. It makes it quite challenging to use mouse/keyboard, hold a pen etc. Typical of this disease nothing shows up in MRI & other investigations therefore normal orthopedic & neuro doctors term it as psychological.
    How do i make my employer understand that regular doctors can’t examine it and only specialist in the field of RSI can diagonize.
    Has RSI been formally accepted in other nations as a disease and which can be diagnosed only by an expert in this field and not by any orthopedist? Are there any resources on net or otherwise around it?

    Pl also suggest other active user forums / contacts on RSI.





    First, you say that you have developed “Computer RSI”. Has any diagnosis been made?

    Second, when tendons or tendon sheaths are inflamed, MRI might show changes. Even otherwise, grip strength would be affected. If the median (or any other) nerve is damaged, nerve conduction studies would show this.

    However, if you share your location, I would be able to point out specialists in your neighbourhood.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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