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    What would be the preferred color of contrast of a worktable when people are inspecting small (1″ x1″) paper rolled items? They are looking to seefine to moderate defects in packaging. Color of item is variable, but most times in the white or light range.


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    The work table should have the same adaptation luminance range as the task, and should be chromatically neutral and matte in finish. Most issues of visual inspection beyond this relate to how the lighting works with the task. Each task has an optimized lighting configuration in terms of size, geometry, color, and luminance.

    It is important to optimize these settings in a Visual Performance Lab, and to use an older view in the process (as old as the oldest in the work force). In addition general industrial lighting will often significantly reduce the visibility of the task due to its glare, and often, the task needs to be shielded from this type of lighting or any other source of brightness much greater than the task.

    Ideally, ambient lighting should be designed with very low glare levels.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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