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    I have a current client with EDS who experiences frequent joint dislocations (shoulders, hip, knee) and finger joint locking (swan neck deformity). It is strongly correlated with stress and is unpredictable. She can have several shoulder subluxations in one day. If she writes for longer than 30 minutes all of her fingers lock. Does anyone have experience in this area and/or could recommend ergonomic techniques or specific adaptive products? Thank you.



    From the standpoint of a physical therapist, I would recommend keeping neutral positioning as the primary concern with any unstable body parts. EDS can be hard to control if the person is not strong and supported in the joints, so PT consult for stabilizing exercises could be helpful. The ligaments and supportive structures are very loose with EDS compared to normal and it can be debilitating.

    In addition I would consider utilizing larger grips on writing utensils, as it will tend to keep the fingers more in neutral. Also teach the to grip with minimal force to control the writing task. Strong grip will happen when under stress and any reminders or teaching on this will probably decrease the finger locking frequency.



    You might consider recommending voice recognition software and a computer, rather than long periods of writing, if possible – or are we talking about a student doing exams?
    Armrests on the chair might help with the shoulders, although I am no expert on EDS.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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