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    Dear Ergo Discussion Group:

    I am looking for any evidence of Ergonomic Specialists being employed in University settings to provide ergonomic services, analysis, equipment recommendations and reporting for staff and faculty.  Ergonomic analysis would include all occupations in a university, including seated computer work and facilities, custodians. 

    If you have information, could you please include the reporting structure for the employee, and  credentialing.

    If you have anecdotal information you would like to pass on, please do so.
    Thank you,
    Beverly Burke  RN MPH CIEBeverly Burke RN CMA CIE


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    We are doing full time work in a military ‘university’ setting, where they do all of the technical training for military enlisted specialties (technical level training such as respiratory therapty, combat medics, occupational and physical therapy technicians).  However, the majority of our research is on reducing attrition…although we have done some on industrial ergonomics (overuse injuries among faculty and support personnel).

    Basically, we do ‘medical human factors’ and have been involved in education because that is the primary mission of the Army Medical Department Center and School.

    We currently fall under an integration center, but will probably move under the Chief of Staff…that may not make sense to you if you are looking at a typical university.  I submitted a panel on this topic for consideration for next years human factors panel.  I’ve seen little research or publications in human factors in school settings…although there is some.

    Valerie Rice


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    the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver BC Canada has a full time ergonomist dealing with the issues you outlined in your question. You could google "UBC" or "University of British Columbia" and contact them through their Occupational Health section. I don’t have any specific names or telephone numbers. If you have difficulty reaching anyone through these channels please email me and I’ll try to get you some specifics.

    Peter Goyert PT CCPE
    Senior Ergonomist
    [email protected]




    I can’t work out to send you a private message, so in reply to one of your earlier questions I think that this might be the link to the topic that was of interest to you (incorrect citations in research);

    A further update on epidemiology et cetera   or possibly this earlier thread Re: What criteria should we use for interpreting epidemiology?

    Regards,David McFarlaneErgonomist, WorkCover NSW








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