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    I mowed my lawn myself for the first time in my life last Saturday and I think I may have permanently damaged my thumb. :(  The speed control bar is located below the mower's handle and it seemed natural to press it with my thumb. 1.5 hours of mowing later and the pressure and vibration left my thuimb feeling tingly, like it had fallen asleep. That feeling has not gone away, 5 days later. Reaching over the handle to grip the bar with my fingers put too much stress on my wrists. Can anyone offer ideas on modifications I might be able to make to make mowing more comfortable? Attached is a photo of my mower's controls.



    Perhaps a lever hinged at about the middle of, and on top of, the mower handle (or thereabouts), with the free end attached to a cord which runs through a hole in the handle and down to the speed control bar, where it attaches. Arrange it so that when stopped, the lever sits along the bar with the free end (and cord) close to the hole, allowing the bar to sit in the off position. Then to accelerate, swing the lever over so that it pulls on the cord and thus raises the speed bar. With the lever pulled right across, now lying along the bar in the other direction, one hand can hold the lever down against the handle.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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