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    I am looking for suggestions on becoming certified for ergonomics/work station evaluations.  Our facility  has typically utilized an OT to do work station evaluations but we would like to get Employee Health staff trained to take care of these requests in the future.  Any suggestions on reputable and useful sites/classes/training.  I appreciate any input on this subject.  Thank you,  Cindy





    I can’t determine where you are located, however, I would begin by taking some classes from a company that has a good reputation from accredited Ergonomists.  I had the pleasure of taking a couple courses (Office/Industrial Ergonomics) from Optimal Performance Consultants.  Jane Sleeth, owner and a regular contributor to this forum would be someone to discuss further education.  The Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) is the organization with which to gain formal accredication.  Simply google the above companies and that should point you in the right direction.

    In closing, to perform Office Ergonomic Evaluations need to be performed by someone with adequate experience in assessment of the specific parameters associated with this industry.  The industry is always changing and resourceing a qualified Ergonomist (ACE) would be the best approach to gain the most effective applications if required.   GOOD LUCK


    John Bragdon, BSc. Kin, CK(OKA)
    Director of Kinesiology/Occupational Services
    Movewell Rehabilitation
    [email protected]



    Hi Cindy;

    I would suggest to check out universities or colleges as well as technical schools in your area. Many of these schools have courses in ergonomics as well as health and safety. The courses are very thorough and give you all the knowledge that you require to perform office or workstation assessments. Good luck with you search.




    My thoughts are "training" versus "certification".  I agree with a couple of posts that mention a number of companies and some post-secondary institutions that offer courses and may even supply a "certificate" of completion with respect to office ergonomics.  I believe something like this would be sufficient for what you are looking for by the sounds of it.

    Keep in mind though that "certification" by a recognized body is a different fish.  In Canada, the certifying body for Ergonomics is the Canadian College for the Certification of Professional Ergonomists (CCCPE) and while there are links on the ACE website, membership in ACE is NOT the same as being a Certified Ergonomist.  Just for the record, I would suggest that getting a CCPE certification would be overkill for doing office ergonomic assessments. 

    In the States, the certifying body is BCPE (Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics) and there are a couple levels of certification there, one of which is probably appropriate for performing office ergonomic assessments.

    All that said, I think one of the courses offered by Ergo consulting companies on performing office ergonomic assessments would likely be just what you are looking for.   

    Good luck

    Jeff Budau

    Jeff Budau, CEA

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