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    My impression (and this is not an expert opinion), is that there is no central "without borders" group.  If you google the phrase "without borders" you get all sorts of things…doctors, artists, architects, MBAs, vets, soccer….

    David – would you know of anyone I should put in touch with regarding the project I mentioned in my previous posting?



    I am the Ergonomist here at UC Santa Barbara for Faculty and Staff……….did not know about this group and they may not know about me either.   Are they looking for help on this project?  I would be willing to help………….




    Hi Rob,
    Whilst I was in India as a guest of the HWWE conference they had an exhibition of human powered machinery in the Agriculture University in Bhopal. They were incredible in their efficiency and simplicity. So many things you can achieve through a modifed bicycle! Can I suggest that you contact the President of the Indian Society of Ergonomics Professor GG Ray and ask him for guidance who best to liaise with? His contact details are on the IEA website under IEA Members – Federeated Societies – India. He is their new President but still listed as Secretariat on the website – http://www.iea.cc .



    Julie – The contact regarding the project in California is Luke Pritchard at Engineers Without Borders – [email protected].

    Let me know how it goes.




    I am an ergonomist from Portugal. I think this is a great idea and can really make a difference in the future. I would like to hear more about this.

    Cristina Sobral
    [email protected]



    Cristinai, One project already underway with the International Ergonomics Association is the translation of a Distance Learning education program from English to Portuguese for use in developing countries in Africa such as Mozambique. The intellectual property has been offered by the University of Nottingham in the UK and Professor Anabela Simoes in Portugal is undertaking the translation. You may contact her and may wish to become involved if you are interested.


    I am located in Chicago, Illinois and have just recently connected with a local engineers without borders chapter.  I am very interested in getting involved in an ‘ergonomists without borders’ initative too. 

    Lori Zinnecker, CPE, MBA, OTR/L
    Ergonomic Specialist
    Northwestern Memorial Hospital
    710 N. Fairbanks
    Olson Pavilion 7-428
    Chicago, IL 60611
    [email protected]

    Lori Zinnecker


    [email protected]


    As you know I have worked with SEMAC, The Society of Ergonomists of Mexico, since their conception. It has been one of the most rewarding activities of my professional life. To see the growth of our profession is a joy.   Supporting the various emerging ergonomics societies is a way to help until something is created. 

    IEA has and continues to do this, but we as individuals can support by participating and attending their events.  I know that the participation of IEA has really helped in Mexico.  As a member of SEMAC I am very grateful to IEA and the other ergonomists that have supported our meetings in Mexico.

    Carlos Espejo, one of the founders of SEMAC, has taken many trips, at his own expense to support emerging ergonomic societies in Latin America. I am sure he would be interested.  

    If something is started I would love to help however I can.  If I can help establish the group I would also be interested.



    Great idea Rob, thanks Peter & David.

    Watching with interest & anticipation.

    Paul Cockayne, Melbourne, Australia



    Point of view as a research student from a developing country; what I expect from Ergonomists without Boarders if it is to be launched.
    Assistance to promote research on ergonomics in the developing countries.  In this regard one of the importance things may be for the research students to have some kind of access to e-resources.  How it can be done once it is launched?

    Another important thing may be to have advisers for the research. This is possible because I have a contact with an expert from US. This e-contact helps me a lot in carrying out my research. I would like to propose some more expectations in next postings.

    Sri Lanka



    There is a program where researchers from Developing countries with a GDP below a designated level can receive free online access for journals. We explored this for IEA members 3 years ago. I now can’t recall who hosted this. Does anyone know?



    Hi Rob,

    Ergonomists without borders would be a great idea. I too would be interested in contributing, so I would like to be kept informed!




    Hi Rob, Peter and others,

    I would be very interested in the development of this organization and participating. I have personally investigated opportunities to work in developing countries and providing ergonomic input with little success. Please keep me informed as well.

    Curtis VanderGriendt, BSc, AE
    Ontario, Canada


    [private user]

    Hi everyone, I am also very interested in this and would love to help in anyway possible. Please keep me informed as things develop. Thanks and great idea!


    [private user]

    I just joined ErgoWeb and saw your topic, EWB.  I have often wondered how i could offer my skills and talents to others on a donation basis, including to those outside the US.  This is a fabulous idea.  I have degrees in Optometric Technology, Industrial Engineering, am soon to be accredited in LEED (USGBC green and sustainability new construction, renovation, and commercial interiors), and have my own business as a office designer, space planner, interior arranger & designer.  How can i contribute to what you are forming?  Let’s get this started!

    Joyce Hadley
    Ellicott City, MD

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