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    Dear All,

    It appears that there is a great deal of interest in launching Ergonomists Without Borders. I wanted to give everyone an update to let you know that progress has begun "behind the scenes".

    My name is Greg Cresswell and I have agreed to take a leading role in launching this exciting project.  I have been working with leaders from IEA (International Ergonomics Association), FPE (Foundation for Professional Ergonomics) and HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) to begin the groundwork.

    In order to move this from a concept to reality we need your help!

    Our current primary objectives are to:

    1) Establish a core team who is interested in and dedicated to starting up Ergonomists Without Borders.

    2) Launch a website so that we have a place we can call home

    However, we need help in many other areas as well.  We are looking for people who are able to contribute in terms of seeking out and/or giving donations, providing resources, providing contacts to institutions/organizations/companies that may be able to set us up with projects. We are also in need of people who are able to volunteer their time/expertise and carry out these projects. Students, you are also welcome to volunteer your time and gain valuable work and life experience.

    For those of you who are willing to contribute or be involved, please email me at:

    [email protected]

    And let me know:
    -Your name
    -Your contact information
    -A brief description of your background
    -How you are willing to contribute
    -How much time/resources you are realistically able to dedicate

    Also, if you are not able to dedicate that much time to this, but still want to stay in the loop, that’s OK too! Please still contact me – I will be generating an email list.

    This is all very exciting! Thank you for your interest!

    Stay tuned for more developments…



    [private user]

    As an addendum to my message above, I’d also like to explain that "Ergonomics Without Borders" already does exist.

    It is a program headed by the IEA-Foundation for Professional Ergonomics. Currently, it’s focus is to:

    -Provide IDC (Industrially Developing Country) ergonomists and agencies a place where they could request ergonomics expertise or information, and identify those who agree to provide the advice or information at no cost to the IDC requester.

    -Identify ergonomics experts to serve as workshop or training course instructors or as keynote speakers at professional conferences in IDCs at no charge except, possibly, travel expenses

    Because of the overwhelming interest on this message board and other outlets, we are now trying to expand this scope to providing ergonomics expertise to projects in IDC’s geared to promoting any and all aspects of quality of life.




    Good start only thing to expedite the process.

    Sri Lanka


    [private user]


    Thank you, there was a good point ‘reflective-Learning’ from David CC;
    “Together we can make a difference” for support Industrially Developing Countries! I am sure that, terms such as ‘power’ and ‘democracy in workplaces’ have been replaced and needed by more ‘cooperation’ and ‘production groups’ in the different ways! I am sure also this way good for IDC as my experiences from different ergonomics intervention techniques in Iran!



    Faramarz Helali,

    Guest Researcher

    Luleå University of Technology (LTU) -Sweden



    Thanks also Greg, and all, good luck,



    Thank you for this great discussion Rob, David and all …

    Please record my interest in being involved with this very worthwhile project!  We are very keen supporters of ‘Engineers without Boarders’ at my university.  There is a very close connection between the two disciplines in teaching and research.  This would be a wonderful extension to that collaboration for our students and staff!


    Dr Yvonne Toft

    A/Prof, Human Factors & Systems Safety                                   

    Head, Dept. of Health & Human Performance

    CI, Centre for Railway Engineering        

    Faculty of Sciences, Engineering & Health            

    CQUniversity, Rockhampton, Qld 4702  

    Ph: +61 7 4930 9068, Fax: +61 7 4930 9871, Email: [email protected]

    www: http://content.cqu.edu.au/FCWViewer/staff.do?site=100&sid=TOFTY


    [private user]

    I would definitely be interested in this movement. 
    Shelby Cass, CAE
    [email protected]


    [private user]

    I, too, would like to particpate in EWB.  Greg, I am emailing the information you requested to your gmail account.  I have wanted for many years to be a part of an organization like Doctors Without Borders.  I am so glad to see we have one in our field!  YEAH!!

    Joyce Russell Hadley
    [email protected]
    InnerSpace Solutions, Inc.
    Green & Sustainable Design, Ergonomic Design for Home & Office
    Office and Workstation Design, Space Planning



    Please if anyone can recall the program cited by David, this would be very useful for professional in IDC in order to acces to journals such as: Ergonomics, Applied Ergonomics, Human Factors and so on. Also an important collaboration could be established encouraging IDC specialist to publish in these journal which is very difficult task due to the lack of experiences and the language. Professor Pat Scott at South Africa has been collaborated with Cuban specialist by editing an article which is expected to be published soon in the journal Work, this kind of collaboration is really suitable in our condition.

    Yaniel Torres



    It is wonderful to be attached to a group of like minded people working for the same cause.
    Thank you Greg. I would be interested to be a part of this group. Presently, I am working with rural women: their drudgery and technology intervention in Agriculture; and Technology intervention in rural enterprises. The information as desired is :

    Prof. Sudesh Gandhi
    Senior Scientist
    All India Coordinated Research project in Home Science
    Dept Family Resource management
    CCS Haryana Agricultural University
    Hisar 125004 Haryana  India
    Ph – 91-1662-231062
    M-   91-9416868186
    E-mail: [email protected],[email protected]

    Thanks and with regards
    Sudesh gandhi



    I would also like to put my name out there as someone very interested in this movement.  As the Ergonomics Inspector for mining in BC, I would love to contibute where I could to assist developing areas in the mining industry abroad.  

    Perhaps a greater human factor could be addressed by Ergonomists Without Borders?  Not sure what that would like but thought I’d put it out there.  We could also address occupational illnesses (not just MSD), quality of life, we’ll see!

    Cheryl Pocklington
    Inspector of Mines, Ergonomics
    Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
    [email protected]
    C Pocklington

    Inspector of Mines – Ergonomics

    Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources



    Hi Cheryl, As the Business Plan for Ergonmics Without Borders is being developed one option to consider is to link into the Technical Committees of the International Ergonomics Association to develop targeted programs. In the area of mining there is a TC and they have formed in the last year. They have provided their expertise for workshops in Botswana and Chile – both of which were greatly appreciated. Can I suggest that we look at the Business Plan including the involvement of the IEA TCs – which are open to anyone to join as a vehicle for Outreach.
    In relation to making donations the IEA does not accept individual members – we only have Federated Ergonomics Societies – currently 47 countries. However the IEA does have Sustainng members. These are individuals or organizations who donate to the IEA and they can stipulate how they would like they funds used. The benefits are on the website http://www.iea.cc under IEA Members. These funds are audited annually and reported to the IEA Council meeting so it is very transparent and accountable.
    David C Caple
    IEA President


    [private user]

    Dear All,
    I am intereted in the Ergonomics Wihout Borders initiative.I am an ergonomist base in Nigeria.We recently formed a National Body—Ergonomics Society of Nigeria(ESN) which is affiliated to International Ergonomics Association.ESN is interested in collaboaration with organizations to create further awareness of ergonomics in the country


    [private user]

    Rob: I’m interested in this movement.  I’m located in New Hampshire, but travel to other cities often.
    I’m sure there is a need in small to medium sized manufacturers for ergonomic volunteers.
    cheers, James Golden, CAEJames Golden, CAE

    Associate Ergonomist

    Contour Design, Inc.


    [private user]

    Hi everybody,

    great idea!!

    I have the following suggestion: The ILO (International Labour Organisation) as part of the UN is heavily involved with improving working conditions in developing countries.
    I know this from a contact in Asia, Dr. Tsuyoshi Kawakami, who published a set of manuals on how to improve working conditions by simple and available means.
    Link to one example: http://www.ilo.org/asia/whatwedo/publications/lang–en/docName–WCMS_099075/index.htm
    It’s a pdf, but too large to attach it to this message.

    Although I usually do not like bureaucracy to much, my suggestion in this case is that the IEA should coordinate with the ILO before starting an individual and competing activity.

    Best regards,
    JoachimDr.-Ing. Joachim Vedder, M.S., EurErg
    Key Expert for Ergonomics and Construction Trends
    Hilti Corporation


    [email protected]

    Quick update on Ergonomists Without Borders from the IEA 17th World Congress on Ergonomics, Beijing, China:

    I’ve heard many enthusiastic comments from attendees regarding EWB, and outgoing President, David Caple spoke highly of it in his keynote address (see his posts throughout this discussion — and also please join me in congratulating and thanking David for his years of dedication and service to IEA – he did a fantastic job – well done, David!).

    Andy Imada, IEA’s new president, also spoke highly of the project and pledges his support.

    Quick update on EWB in general:

    The Foundation for Professionalism in Ergonomics (FPE) is cooperating with IEA in the development of EWB. A business plan and a web site are under development. While we’d all like to see this rocket to success overnight, the development team is taking the necessary steps and time to build a sustainable process so that EWB can live up to its full potential. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to coordinate with Greg Creswell if you want to contribute, be involved, or keep abreast of developments (see Greg’s message earlier in this discussion for details).


    Peter Budnick, PhD, CPE

    Ergoweb Inc.

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