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    I am looking for reliable monitor arms to provide vertical and horizontal adjustment for MML, monitor, monitor, laptop  configurations.  Monitors are typically 18" and laptops 15 inch.  I have used Chief, and have not been happy.  I found Ergotron on a web search but have no experience using them.  If list members have positive or negative stories about this vendor, or others, I am interested in hearing them.
    Thank you,

    Bev BurkeBeverly Burke RN CMA CIE



    Dear Bev,

    We’ve found success with the monitor and laptop support arms offered in the Ergobuyer catalog (see Monitor Arms, Mounts & Risers), but we’re not sure from your description whether these meet your specific needs. Take a look at them and feel free to contact us with any questions.

    We’re also evaluating the Ergotron line of products for possible inclusion in Ergobuyer, so we’d like to hear any thoughts or experiences with those products, as well.

    Best regards,
    Only effective, reliable, ergonomically designed products, satisfaction guaranteed.


    [private user]

    Thank you for the link to your preferred products. I am looking for a single arm to hold and position a Monitor/monitor/ Laptop configuration. I have not yet found a manufacturer of such a product who provides ease of adjustment, reliability and a reasonable, albeit expensive price. The items are out there, but in my experience, they are not very well engineered for the price they are asking.

    bev burkeBeverly Burke RN CMA CIE



    Hi Bev,

    We have evaluated a number of the different arms out there including Ergotron.  The Ergotron is a nice arm although expensive.  The other arms you may want to check out are the ICW line (http://www.icwusa.com) and the new arms from 3M.

    I am very impressed by the new 3M line.  The arm that would fit your needs would be the MA200MB by 3M or the Viewmaster VM300 by ICW.  Both run approximately the same price.

    Michael Pierzchalski

    National Ergonomic Supply, Inc



    I have used Egotron extensively and have found them to be excellent. I have never heard of any issue with them. I also use them in ruggedised oilfield applications and they perform very well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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