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    I am looking for some insight into the types of force gauges that are most commonly used for worksite/ergonomic assessments.  I have been told that the Chatillon force gauge is an excellent product; however, I have noticed that serveral other companies have products that are similiar.  

    Does anyone have experience with any particular model or make?  Digital over mechanical?   


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    We have used the Chatillon for years and have found it to be an excellent product. It’s very reliable and adaptable to many different push/pull applications.

    Peter Goyert CCPE
    Senior Ergonomist


    [email protected]

    I’ve used a variety of force gauges over the years, including Chatillon, which used to be about the only brand on the market for this type of application. The right choice for you depends on what applications and features you might want for the types of measurements and environments of use.

    I’m assuming you’re looking for a device that can measure both push and pull forces. Chatillons tend to be a bulky rectangular box with a display, some buttons for various features, and attachable handles and end effectors (push knobs, hooks for pulling, etc). Competitors like Shimpo have great devices similar to the Chatillon style, so if you’re looking for that style and functionality, you should check them as well (e.g., Javelin, Dart). There’s also a newer measurement device on the market, called ergoFET, that has many of the same kinds of ‘bells and whistles’ the other brands do, yet is quite different.

    In our consulting activities, Ergoweb often uses the ergoFET. It’s smaller (fits in the palm of your hand), has all the end effector, handle attachments and features we need, but it’s  more versatile in its field measurement applications. Rather than being restricted to typical push/pull style measurements while holding the handles on the bulkier, rectangular models, we can hold the ergoFET in a single hand and, for example, reach up and apply force to the side of a box on a shelf, mimicking the way a worker would perform a task. It’s quick, light weight, easily portable, and more versatile.

    Peter Budnick, PhD, CPE
    Ergoweb Inc.



    We have used the chatillon for years, but it is very bulky and heavy to use, so we just purchased an ErgoFet and it is much lighter easier to use –  the only down side of the ErgoFet is that it is digital and if you could have any issues with the wiring or the display which should be under warranty – .Natalie Campaneria PT, CEES

    Ergonomics Specialist

    Baptist Health South Florida

    Miami, FL



    Hi, does anyone know of an Australian retailer of the ergofet force guage, 

    with thanks



    Hi Steve,

    The Distributor Hoggan Health has set up in Australia is:

    IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd.

    10-11 Colrado Court

    Hallam, Victoria 3803 Australia

    Ph:  61-3-9708-6885

    Only effective, reliable, ergonomically designed products, satisfaction guaranteed.

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