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    Afternoon all.

    I’m in the middle of a programme looking at control (primarily pitch) forces in production/line fixed wing aeroplanes. The current (admittedly rather basic) handheld instrumentation we have isn’t doing a particularly good job of resolving some fairly small control forces (which tells you something in itself of-course!).

    Can anybody point me at what is available on the market, if anything, that is quickly installed in an uninstrumented aeroplane and will give a good indication of control forces. I found this type of force measurements: http://www.qualityforcegauges.com/force-gauges/ Has anybody tell my it will be right?
    Especially I’m looking for something that’ll resolve, and ideally down to around an ounce or so / 0.02daN ish but the smaller forces (and chunkier cockpit readout!) the better.

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