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    I know that many of you knew Denny Ankrum and you knew how passionate he was about his work. We often had differing opinions about the role of vision in ergonomics but he was always scientific in his approach and, of course passionate about his views. I always appreciated his opinions and approach to reducing eyestrain in the workplace.

    He will be missed…


    Dr. Jeffrey Anshel


    Corporate Vision Consulting



    A great resource and utilise his sound principles as guidelines for the majority of my Office Ergo consults.


    John Bragdon, BSc. Kin, CK(OKA)
    Director of Kinesiology/Occupational Services
    Movewell Rehabilitation
    [email protected]



    It was a great sadness to learn today that Denny Ankrum has died.  Denny knew what he believed, knew why he believed it and was a fierce and articulate advocate for his beliefs. To say that Denny was direct would be an understatement; he could push more buttons, and faster, than an accordionist playing a Mazurka.  

    Yet one quickly learned that it was always worth considering what he had to say.  You might decide that you didn’t agree with what Denny said, but it was always worth examining carefully.

    He had a big, easy smile that just got bigger as the argument got better.  I am sorry that he is gone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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