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    Does anyone have any information in regards to jackhammering hand tunnels for drainage? My first goal would be to engineer this need out. What other options are available? Has anyone encountered another process for drainage. I am in the process of looking at some mining sites for suggestions. This company does use a mole as well, but this is for larger areas and doesn’t work in the smaller tunnels required.

    Should I not be able to engineer this out, then I will look at the jack hammers themselves. They have tried numerous anti vibration gloves (power grip seems to increase with glove use causing increase in muscle fatigue). Lightweight jack hammers do not have the power to work in the areas they require for extended periods of time, so they revert back to heavier jack hammers and the jack hammers are not suspended, but held in place by the worker either overhead, waist level etc. Is there some sort of suspension system that can be used in a hand tunnel to at least take some of the jack hammer weight away from the worker? Keeping in mind that many of the tunnels are not large enough for the worker to stand. Anything would be greatly appreciated at this point, but I think engineering solutions would be the best route for these workers in the long term.



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