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    thank you. One conductor has his podium quite high, he maintains his arms above 90 the majority of the time. Furthermore, he alternates looking straight ahead , side to side and looking over his shoulder to the percussion students that are positioned on the floor (not the stage) over his left shoulder.



    Great information! I have a related question, I stumbled on a flute player that is experiencing significant pain and numbness in her right arm, I should know more about her specific problems tomorrow.



    You are right about the podium. You might have seen my other question-and as a flutist you may be able to help. One of the orchestra players is a 16 year old flute player. She is experiencing pain and numbness in her right arm. I will know more tomorrow about specifics-what would help to find out type of flute chair height etc..



    that’s great advice about the diaphragmatic breathing. I agree – it would be wonderful if people knew to get a referral for OT/PT eval & treatment in order to resolve their problems related to this kind of work. I, too, have seen hairdressers with the same challenges. Thanks for your post!




    I did a project in one of my university classes on RSI in Musicians. I found a publication dealing exclusively with that subject in the library. I forget the name of it, but it was very descriptive – like RSI in Musicians – Current webpages of interest include




    As well, there are clinics that specialise in this who will have LOTS of resources. There is one in San Francisco that serves the Symphony and Opera orchestras. I suspect that most large symphonies have such a connection. You may want to check there.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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