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    I am an ergonomics coordinator at a large local hospital. We are getting ready to re-write each and every job description to include an ergonomic aspect related to each and every job. If anyone has an ergonomic job description from a hospital/health care related area, I would love to be able to look at one.

    Should you not want to post it here, I will be able to send you my work email address.



    J.R. Keener



    I am not sure if I understand,.. are you trying to incorporate Job Safety Analysis information into the job descriptions?



    Jim Herzog

    Occupational Therapist


    [private user]


    How is your project going?  The creation of job descriptions can be a daunting task.  I used to use the old Dictionary of Occupational Titles for the basis of job descriptions, then do an addendum to include more specific issues of real life lifting, moving, and training requirements.  I often included preferred methods of doing the jobs so that HR could use the job description as a screening tool (defining the essential tasks of the job), an interviewing tool, once the job was offered use it as a training tool, and if the person got hurt on the job use it as the basis for RTW.  

    I was disappointed to see the DOT change to the online version – I have not found that to be as usable/adaptable as the original print version.  

    Karl Marion, MS, CIE, CPE 



    Good morning Jeff

    Great to see you are re-writing job descriptions.  Our firm has conducted over 1,000 job demands in hospitals across Canada.  (JDA’s include environmental demands, cognitive and mental demands and represent the BFOR of the jobs analyzed)

    I will send you a sample to your work email as we have developed an efficient data collection method and the data can then be extrapolated to job descriptions; post offer screening tests; ergonomic improvements; and return to work decision making.

    Jane Sleeth

    OPC Inc

    [Editor’s Note: you may request a sample from Jane by contacting her privately through the private message feature. Click on "JaneSleeth", above left, then click on "Send Private Message" to communicate with her privately.]


    [private user]

    Hi Jeff.   What a great opporutnity you have before you!  I have had the opporutnity to develop many functional-based job descriptions for employer clients (including healthcare) which can be used for both injury prevention and injury management/return to work situations.  Since there are many different types of jobs and "job functions" performed by hosptial workers, I have found the DSI Job Function Matching system to be extreamly helpful.  This system was developed by Susan Iserhagen, a physcial therapist who has many years of expertise in the work injury management and prevention field.   She can be reached through the DSI website (http://www.dsiworksolutions.com).  Also, you will want to be sure you include a validation component to your job descriptions.  This step is crucial in meeting ADA and EEOC requirements if you intend to use the description for hiring purposes for functional screening, etc.  Good luck!

    Scott Ege




    Hi every body

    We can find this info by using search box in the top of this website

    or use term: keywords site:ergoweb.com at Google.com. Google is everything. 

    Best regards



    [private user]

     We have been using a Jobs Demands Analysis (JDA) originally developed by the Fraser Healthy Authority that incorporates some ergonomic aspects.  I can email you a copy if you are interested.  I just learned that the Health Authorities of British Columbia are planning to develop a JDA that will be the standard for all Provincial Health Authorities.  I suspect it will be a year or so before we see a working copy.

    I have also been involved in developing an online ergonomic assessment tool over the past 3 years that is in its final test stages before we roll it out Authority wide.  It is based on the work by the Cornell University student’s project, but we have expanded it to include video, and step by step adjustment suggestions.  The tool even compiles recommendations for the manager and employee, and will contact the ergonomic consultant if the recommendations are not signed off in 60 days.

    Mike Pierzchalski

    Ergonomic Consultant, Vancouver Island Health Authority

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