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    Dear fellow ergonomics professionals,

     I have a question regarding hot surfaces. In particular how hot is a surface before it is classed as a "Hot Surafce" and requires special handling (gloves etc.) or needs to be protected from contact? Burns and burn severity is caused by a combination of temperature and contact duration, but I have not idea what the corrolation is? I can’t find anything on OSHA about this and I have even drawn a blank in the UK HSE. Any ideas or guidance?

    Many thanks,



    [private user]

    Hi Mark

    This isn’t really my area so there may be better sources, but perhaps this may help:

    Human Thermal Environments: the Effects of Hot, Moderate and Cold Environments on Human Health, Comfort and Performance by Ken Parsons, 2nd edition, 2002, CRC Press

    I also came across a reference to an ISO standard :

    ISO/TS 13732-2:2001, Ergonomics of the thermal environment — Methods for the assessment of human responses to contact with surfaces — Part 2: Human contact with surfaces at moderate temperature

    Dr Andrew Pinder, PhD, MSc, MIEHF

    Ergonomics team

    Health and Safety Laboratory, Harpur Hill, Buxton, SK17 9JN, UK

    HSL home page: http://www.hsl.gov.uk/

    HSE home page: http://www.hse.gov.uk/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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