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    My co-worker’s hobby is automotive racing. On weekends before he hits the race track, he removes his street tires and installs the racing wheel/tires.

    Removing the wheels are easy. But installing the other wheels/tires requires lifting them 2-5″ off the ground. What is the most ergonmic way to do this?

    It is difficult to lift with the knees when only lifting 2 to 5 inches. He keeps finding himself lifting with his back. He threw out his back last weekend.
    Any tips or techniques for listing heavy objects only a few inches off the ground?



    There are such things as wheel lifting bars which provide leverage for lifting wheels. If he is always lifting in the same location, same vehicle, he could make a little ramp at the right height, and then just roll it up the ramp.



    If it were me and I had to do it a lot I would consider some sort of lever. Place the wheel in position, insert a lever with a fulcrum against the tyre and operate, preferable with a foot leaving both hands free.
    As my uncle always says “if it’s hard work then you are doing it wrong”! Tony



    Have him lie the wheel against the wheel studs (with the wheel rotated so the studs will line up), then lower the jack. When he hears the studs drop into the stud holes (there will only be a slight movement here), raise the jack slightly. The wheel should then push straight on, without having to lift it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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