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    Has anyone had any experience with or recommendations on using a Hoyer Lift type device to (re)move individuals from automobiles? 

    The specific issue is the potential to use them to transfer patients from a car or vehicle to a gurney or wheelchair at a medical facility admitting area.




    Steve Morrissey

    Ergonomic Consultant

    Oregon OSHA Consultation



    Hi Steve,

    I am the safe patient handling coordinator at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, fl. We use the ARJO MaxiLite  (weight capacity is 350#)to extract patients our of their vehicles. We have one at each of our valet stations. We have utilized this piece of equipment for 3 years with great success.



    Hi Steve,

    We have an EZ Out, by EZ Way, Inc. in our hospital ER.  We recently got it.  You might want to check it out.  It has a 500 lbs wt capacity, can be used for front or back seat, and cars or trucks.  I have tried it out, it seems to work well.  It is a very large machine and takes up some storage space.  I know of the Arjo MaxiLite as well, I think it is smaller and breaks down for easier storage, but has a smaller wt capacity. 




    [private user]

    Hi Stephen,

    We have used the Liko "GOLVO" lift at our facility at some ambulatory clinics and ED. It has a 330 lb. capactiy I believe; easy to use and has a wide variety of slings, including disposable, plastic net (can be wiped between patients). Plugs in to keep battery charged..also has an optional accessory , a "sit-to-stand" that makes it a very mulitp-purpose lift. http://www.liko.com/na/north-america/Products/Mobile-Lifts/Golvo/

    Patti W

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