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    I am working with a group of LMT’s who have had several reports of pain and lost time injuries in theshoulder and hand/wrist regions.   

    They have good equipment that they adjust , have professinal training in body mechanics and are not time pressured -though it is measured-and are tying to determine additional steps to reduce the problems they are experiencing.

    While I am interested in any suggestions, one that the LMT group is specifically interested in is/are pre-work stretching and loosening exercises for the shoulders and upper body.

    Any suggestions or recommendations that have been found beneficial?



    Steve Morrissey

    Ergonomic Consultant

    Oregon OSHA Consultation

    Portland, OR



    I am a licensed Massage therapist and a PT who now does Ergonomics …

    the Massage therapists need to learn to use their body weight – and when pressure is needed to use their forearm and elbow to work on the clients –

    These techniques were invaluable to me when I was doing massage full time and work escecially well on the quads, hamstrings and the back…

    Natalie Campaneria PT, CEES

    Ergonomics Specialist

    Baptist Health South Florida

    Miami, FL

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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