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    Hello All

    I have a female co-worker who is very wide shouldered and is having a very hard time locating a keyboard to accommodate her size.  Surely there are others (men) out there who have a similar problem.  I've been searching for a keyboard to suit her needs.

    Along with the extra width to accommodate the extra girth, the keyboard must be corded (no USB or wireless) and one-piece (not split into 2 seperate pieces).

    Any suggestions?


    [private user]

    Other than the Kinesis free style i have not seen a keyboard that gets any wider. Why can this not be split into 2 pieces?? I am unaware of another keyboard that will get as wide as the kinesis. The kinesis advantage may work as well but anything wider that this i could not personally say unless it splits in the middle like the kinesis freestyle.



    Perhaps you can be more clear on why a 2-piece keyboard would not work for this person. Is she afraid the 2 pieces would move around? Doesn't want the keyboard to be "slanted?" These are both problems that can be solved…. however finding a one piece keyboard other than the Kinesis may be difficult.



    Hi Charlene

    I fit in the same catagory. I am a male 6'4" and over 300lb, so big in stature and size. I use a Microsoft Comfort Keyboard 5000 . This keyboard is configured just right for the larger person, the keyboard is slightly curved putting your hands and arms in a nice comfortable position. The one I have is wireless but I am quite sure they have wired ones as well. You might want you co-worker to check this type out. There are many types of keyboards out on the market, it is just a matter of trying them out and finding one that fits just right. I feel there is no real need to go to a split keyboard unless the person really wants to go that direction.

    Good luck


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    Thank you all for the advice and guidance.

    Unfortunately I'm not able to locate a Microsoft Comfort Keyboard 5000 (wired).

    I'd appreciate any further advice or comments given.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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