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    I am a bit late to the ongoing conversation about this problem and realize that much has already been said that I don’t need to add to. However, I feel compelled to offer one solution that helped one client of mine who suffered from this problem. Among the many changes we made to her computer workstation, providing her with a Savant 3-Action Programmable Foot Switch (PS/2 & USB Models), seemed to have the most direct affect to reducing the repetitive stress to her forearm from mousing. This foot switch gave her the option to do left and right mouse clicks, as well as scrolling, with either foot. The device is small and unobtrusive, and though she had misgivings about doing her work differently, she quickly adapted to the foot switch. It solves the problem of people being resistant to mouse with the nondominant hand to give their other hand a rest, because the are already familiar with using their feet for driving, playing the piano and playing footsies (ha!). jam

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