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    Hello Everybody,

    Does anybody have any info on Latin American anthropometrics?



    Rick Goggins

    The Dined international database has some measurements from Latin American populations:


    Rick Goggins, CPE
    Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
    Olympia, Washington





    I recommend you to see the book below, is a good compilation of differents anthropometric study carried out in Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela. The book is in Spanish.


    R. Avila-Chaurand, Prado-León, L. R.,and E. L. González-Muñoz (2007). "Dimensiones antropométricas de población latinoamericana."Centro Universitario de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño Centro de Investigaciones en Ergonomía, Guadalajara, Jalisco. ISBN 978-970-27-1193-3


    The articles below is from the same authors of the book but is a journal paper in english.

    Prado-León, L. R., R. Avila-Chaurand and E. L. González-Muñoz (2001). "Anthropometric study of Mexican primary schoolchildren." Applied Ergonomics 32: 339-345.


    I have the book in pdf format in spanish if you ar interested just contact me by mail [email protected]


    Best regards




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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