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    We have some nurses in the cardiac cath lab with back injuries, having problems with wearing lead aprons.  Any specific recommendations or practice standards regarding use of lead aprons, wearing times, types of aprons available, etc.  Is there a safer, "ergonomically correct" apron available.  Also any guidelines regarding shock absorbing area floor mats?  Thanks. 



    There are "Feather Weight" lead aprons on the market –

     Our hospitals purchases their Ultra-Lite lead aprons from a company called Pulse Medical. The brand names of the aprons are Veno-Lite and True-Lite. 

    Another vital recommendation is to use a 2-piece version  – the lower half is secured at the waist, so the shoulders adn neck have less of a load to carry.  Here is a good reference article

     Paul Rothmore, Lead aprons, radiographers and discomfort: a pilot study.  Journal of Occupational Health and Safety-2002



    Natalie Campaneria PT, CEES

    Ergonomics Specialist

    Baptist Health South Florida

    Miami, FL



    Thanks Natalie.  This is helpful. 


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    Hi Jerry

    Try to also encourage staff to take off their leads when possible.  I come across staff who don't think to take the leads off in between procedures so they can be wearing them for longer than necessary. 

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