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    Monday the 14th  I will do an ergonomic assessment on an employee who has just transferred from field work to accounting work. She has a severe back injury and no use of the right arm and hand. I am looking for suggestions on the proper keyboard and mouse that can help her complete her job duties. Any suggestions would be welcome


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    You might do a search for "chording keyboard."  There are a variety on the market designed for one-handed typing and input. There's a learning curve for these types of devices, but if she's motivated, she could become very proficient with the right device.

    There are also head and eye tracking pointing devices (mice) that might help. I haven't used any, but here's one as an example: http://www.orin.com/access/headmouse/

    Also consider voice recognition software, I'm but not sure how well that would work with accounting software. Also consider a separate/stand-alone 10-key device. Also consider left handed or ambidextrous mouse designs.

    If she's not open to alternative, accomodating designs, maybe a traditional keyboard (compact in size probably better) with a centered pointing device like RollerMouse, Trackbar or MouseTrapper.

    There are many ways to accomodate her situation, but it seems that the software and tasks she is performing, coupled with her motivation, will heavily influence what ultimately works.

    Peter Budnick, PhD, CPE

    Ergoweb Inc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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