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    Gerard Ivinson here, I have a client who requires a low profile mouse, she has tried the Handshoe Mouse but this is still too high, any ideas?



    I've had people use the Kensington Wireless Notebook Mouse (Ci75m or Ci70LE) with good success.

    Tom Adams, CPE 

    Cleveland Clinic 

    Cleveland, OH



    Hi Gerard-

    I was wondering what you mean by "too high". 


    [private user]

    The best mouse is the one you do not use, promote the use of keyboaurd shortcuts.

    I suggest configuring the mouse so that the mouse automatically goes to the default button which will reduce the travelling distance with the mouse. In Windows, go to the mouse configuration panel, and select the button menu, and check the default button option.


    read the section To change how hte mouse buttton works.

    From personal experience, I prefer the mouse that weighs the least, and I also use a low friction pad.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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