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    I have a MT with spina bifida.  As she ages her LE control is worsening.  For efficient operations, MT’s use foot pedals to start/stop/speed-up/slow-down the playback.  While the mouse can be used, it significantly decreases productivity.  Also, due to the frequency of mousing, significant increased risk if UE MSDs.

    Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?  


    Bill Griffin, MA, LAT, ATC, CEAS, CWCE
    Greensboro, NC



    I have set up folks doing Medical Transcribing (and sewing) with the foot plate contoller at the knee. Using a Universal Switch Mount (infogrip.com), or any other adjustable mounting device mounted to the chair, you can velcro the pedal onto a switch plate and place it outside or inside the knee. It is easier for some folks to move the knee laterally, than to lift the foot up against gravity to come off the footplate. To avoid fatiguing any one set of muscles or limb, the universal switch mount can be moved around to the other leg/knee after a period of time. Just an idea worth trying. Hope it helps.

    Kathleen Shanfield, OTR/L,MS,CVE

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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