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    I have a small selection of mice that I loan out to staff (Switch, Evoluent, Penguin, DXT etc) and I find (unsurprisingly!) that there is no one clear winner.  I am always interested in looking at new products and I am curious to know what other people's favourite mice for carpal tunnel are…..


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    Hello Hufri  – the best mouse for your client to use will be determined by a lot of factors. Look at what their job is and how they perform it. Do they routinely ground their wrists? Do they move the mouse by twisting their wrists and flexing their fingers? See if by providing training on Mousing Technique and adjusting Mouse Motion speed helps. Then consider mousing.  I have seen a lot of people provide a new mouse but not decrease the mouse motion speed which will cause your client to press down on and tightly grip the mouse to better control it.

    Evoluent – this mouse requires a pinching motion to click the mouse and encourage flexing the wrist to move it side to side. Caution if the forearm / wrist / hand are not parallel to the floor it may – will cause pain due to compression on triquetrum. To address this you can provide them with a Memory Foam Padded mouse pad (goldtouch)

    Penguine – also encourages twisting the wrist side to side.

    I personally like both the Handshoe and Contour mice, both do not require a grip IF used correctly. Both have some good YouTubes that you can view on the web.

    DXT it's new – From talking to Michael Craggs (MICWIL) he recommends it for people with a small hand. I have one staff member using it and it has been sucessful.

    Switch Mouse – It has not been sucessful, my staff find it difficult to use. I preferred the WhaleTale mouse (its predecessor)

    You might want to check out the Oyester Mouse – it looks interesting – I have yet to test one.

    Hope that helps. Dana







    Hi hufri,

    I purchased a new mouse call the Hand Shoe mouse at the ergonomic conference, I like it.  I find it eliminates anchoring of the wrist while typing and provides a neutral wrist position.  See the attached website for additional information.  http://www.handshoemouse.com/   Good luck in your hunt for the right mouse, hope this helps…….



    Just thought I'd mention the 'MouseBean' since it can attach to almost any mouse and provides support on the thenar and hypothenar eminences (thus reducing the angle of wrist extension and taking any pressure away from the carpal tunnel).  It's certainly worth a look; we did a smallish study on the device (reported on our website (www.jrp-ergonomics.co.uk )) and found a surprising level of relief amongst sufferers (I have no beneficial arrangement with the sellers of this product).

    John Ridd

    JRP Ergonomics

    [#789abc][email protected][/#]



    Hi Hufri

    Jane Sleeth here with OPC Inc. I will respond to this question as we do with all ergonomic questions posted to us 1. OPC does not have any financial affilication with any products, furniture or equipment and no vested interest in recommending a certain product(s).

    2. We always refer to the science of ergonomics to guide the standards and decisions.

    With this in mind we look at both the biomechanics & physiology of the upper extremities.  1. when using a pointing device it is critical to avoid compression at the carpal tunnel anatomical area of the wrists 2. we want to see the hand/elbow in a more neutral posture which is 45 degrees pronation 3. we want to encourage the smaller motor units to peform this work as these are designed for the finer motor work inherent in the use of the mouse versus the shoulder which are gross motor units (this is why we discourage employees from using traditional mice); and 4. we avoid the use of the thumb at all costs as it is a saddle shaped joint and therefore the most unstable joint in the body

    Now we look at products which allow  the 4 objective principals outlined above; you can see in ErgoBuyer there is the vertical mouse which meets principal 1 and 2. The contour touch pads which take care of 1, 3 and 4; and the large trackballs such as the Kensington Scroll Trackball which takes care of 2., 3., 4.

    There is no one perfect solution or fit – and we also need to consider the anthropometrics of the uer and the job demands and requirements.

    There are products such as outlined above which will provide good responses; Just be aware of receiving advice from people selling these products; stick to the science; understand your job demands and the correct response will occur. If not there is always a good line up of excellent ergonomic scientists who contribute to this Website.

    Hope this helps.

    Jane Sleeth Optimal Performance Consultants Inc. North America wide services since 1991


    [private user]

    I’m currently using a Cyborg R.A.T. 9, which is extremely customizable and can be adjusted to fit the user’s hand really well.

    It’s not exactly cheap (although there are cheaper versions, from Rat 3 to 7), but I’m very satisfied with it. It’s quite comfortable to work with.

    Here is my review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS3vEid2PnI

    Hope that helps!



    I have CTS and I am currently using the Evoluent Vertical Mouse.  I find it extremely comfortable to use. I rest my thumb on top of the mouse when I'm not using the thumb button. My chair's armrest is set at just the right height to keep my forearm, wrist and hand in alignment.



    I found that the Rollermouse was a good mouse to recommend for individuals with carpel tunnel. Also the Handshoe Mouse.



    Hey Jane Sleeth,

    I know this posting is old but doesn’t the Kineses DXT mouse that Dana Shull mentioned satisfy all 4 objective principles?

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