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    Does anyone have experience/feedback with the neutral posture stand up (scissor style) keyboard tray converter?



    We have sold it to a couple of our clients and received good feedback. Fairly easy to install and simple to use.



    I recently purchased one from a mfg. rep. so I could try it out for myself.  I have noted, although the concept is good, the product falls short in a couple of ways:

    1.) Unless you have a monitor arm that can be raised to eye level, there is limited benefit of standing to work because the limitation in monitor height will lead to compensatory psotures in order to try and view the lower screen.  I use a height adjustable,  articulating monitor arm, but it only raises 13" above the desk.  I haven’t found an articulating monitor arm with more travel than that.  If someone knows of one, please let me know.  

    2.) The bulky metal of the scissor-type mechanism can interfere with knee clearance, as it does in my case.  

    3.) I use it with the Neutral Posture Easy 43 platform, which has a built-in urethane palm-rest, which interferes with comfortable hand position on my mouse, and I find, is a source of contact stress.  I am going to change back to my old KB tray very soon!

    4.) The tray is a bit shaky when raised to standing height.  

    Just my experience with it.  As I mentioned, the concept is great, just not a perfect solution. 



    In regards to the articulating monitor arm that rises higher than 13” above your desktop, Ergobuyer® has several available options. The Long Reach-Extended Height Flat Panel Monitor Arm extends 31” vertically. The EVO raises 18” and 7Flex raises 16” vertically. To extend these further you could add the 6" Extender Tube.

    You can see these options by visiting, https://ergoweb.com/ergobuyer/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=13

    No gimmicks; no fads; only effective, reliable, ergonomically designed products, satisfaction guaranteed.


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    I read this post with interest.  It has been my practice to recommend electrical height adjusting work surfaces for sit/stand operations over any other option as it offers quick adjustment changes for the monitor and the keyboard, the two basic computer inputs.   Other options seduce users/buyers into a cheap fix, but is it really a fix if the equipment change is time consuming or the physical risk factors are shifted to some other category?Beverly Burke RN CMA CIE

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