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    I find it unbelievable that no one seems to make a proper chair for mother to breastfeed.

    The correct position for a breastfeeding mother is with back totally upright, not at all reclined (option to recline could be nice for some mothers, but most need the back totally upright).  

    The proper nursing chair would also have an integrated footrest (not separate ottoman).  

    Last, but definitely not least: a proper nursing chair should come in different sizes S, M, L, with each having adjustable armrests that can be adjusted to be closer or further from the body for a narrower or wider woman's shoulders/hips, and that are low enough so a woman can hold her baby at her breast and comfortably rest her elbows closer to her waist height (armrests need to be not too far away from her body AND they need to be proper height for resting elbows).  This all ensures that her shoulders are relaxed and not hunched up, nor her elbows too far out to her sides. 

    If anyone ever makes such a chair, it would be very popular!




    Can you suggest another ergonomic product aside from this one? It would really mean a lot. I am working on my thesis proposal. Surprisingly, one of my friends already pursued this topic and got approved.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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