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    I have found very useful information on this forum regarding workplace set up and ergonomically sound adaptations when working on a desktop or laptop comupter. However, I have a question regarding setup or adaptations for reading a textbook and/or writing in a notebook. When I am not working at my computer/laptop, I usually have my nose in a textbook during working hours. I find my stationary sitting position very uncomfortable after a prolonged period of time and cannot seem to adjust my workspace environment to support a reading/writing activity. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you in advance!



    Hi There! Have you tried tilting whatever document you are reading or working on by 20 degrees? I have found what really works if you get a two inch binder and position it so the tilt is away from you. You can then place the document on that and it should really increase the comfort for you – I know that it has for me!
    Another comfort point is if you are writing on your work surface (like a desk), then change the height of your chair (if that is possible), so that your neutral elbow height is about 5 cm (2″) lower than your work surface. This will help to reduce bent forward back positions that can be linked to discomfort over time!
    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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