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    I’m looking for a retractable/adjustable shelf to accomodate an employee who requires a sit/stand workstation. This employee needs to access phone books, she works in business licensing, and she would like to be able to open up the phone book on a shelf while she is also data inputting. She will have a standing keyboard tray and monitor at working heights. The shelf must come out from the wall she is facing and be large, and strong enough to accomodate a phone book. The wall to which the retractable/adjustable shelf would be attached, is about 3+ feet away.



    Try the Executech EKA-200 Keyboard tray in the wall mount version. It was designed as a keyboard tray but I find it works great for other applications such as this. It features the ability to put the tray anywhere in a 36″ radius and has 8″ of height adjustability. The tray is 24″ wide so our client wil have lots of room for the phone book and any other materials.

    Mike Pierzchalski



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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