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    I have an electric sit-stand desk, and am looking into purchasing a saddle chair to use with it. I am considering the Salli Saddle Sway, which is the budget version of the Salli Swing. I was hoping to hear of any experience people have with the Sway, especially in comparison to the Swing.

    I am also keen to hear about any experience people have with the Salli Swing vs the Salli SwingFit. I am a pretty average build (6 feet, 150 pounds), and am wondering if t would be advised that I get a Salli chair with width adjustment. I am unable to try these chairs in person, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.





    A bit late to the party but thought I could help.

    The differences between the Swing and the Sway are as follows:

    Swing has leather upholstery, Sway has PU (but you can get black leather)
    Swing is made in Finland, Sway is made in China
    Both a pretty much the same

    Now, do you need the Swingfit? No you don’t, but some people find the hip abduction (leg spread) a bit too much in the early days while adjusting to the new seating position so they immediately make the mistake of wanting to narrow up the seat. You do not need to do this! Unless you have an existing medical condition which prevents you from rotating your legs outward then you don’t need the adjustable width one.

    Hope this helps.




    Since you have experience with the Sway: I’ve had one now for almost two months, and I still feel that it is unnaturally stretching my hips and pelvis apart. I have a certain ache from that that’s not just muscle ache (I believe). From your experience, can it take as much as two months or longer to get used to this chair?? (…I have a normal build, when I measure my hip bones, the ones that protrude in the front, there’s a distance of 26 cm from right to left; I’m a woman).

    I don’t even know if I could return or exchange the chair, and if so I would loose at least 20% of the value. Therefore, it would be great to know that there is still hope out there for me.

    Any input would be appreciated.




    The Sway is fine for most people, but you need to be using it properly.

    Make sure you follow the instructions – this is very important! Yes, it can take some people longer than 2 months to get used to it.

    We also find that some people tend to still try and put their knees together when sitting on a saddle. You pretty much have to let it all hang out and relax your legs! Have the chair up high with your feet not touching the ground and then reduce the height until your feet are flat on the floor.

    Did you follow the adjustment period recommendations?
    Are you using it at a height adjustable desk?
    Where exactly is the pain you are experiencing?


    [private user]

    Hi—Not to be a smarta__, but as Ergonomists trying to fit products to people, I’m a little concerned about recommending a seating option that openly states that it might take up to 2 months for the USER to get used to the product. Two of several criteria needed for a product to be considered “ergonomic” are for it to “fit the User” and “improve comfort”. Maybe this is not the right product to be recommending in this situation? Just a thought.



    I have now been using the Sway for almost a year. Definitely have seen improvements in posture, just takes a lot of getting used to, and isn’t comfortable nearing the end of the day. Nonetheless I think it is a good product.

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