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    I am from Quebec, Canada. I presently do my master degree and I would like to continue to a doctorate. I seach for well known university in USA or in Canada. I search for university in which ergonomics is included in the engineering department not in the kinesiology department, because I have an engineering background.




    University at Buffalo has the Human Factors/Ergonomics program in their Industrial Engineering Department


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    Through personal experience, I know of two Universities that may meet your requirements: The University of Michigan (program offered through Industrial and Operations Engineering Dept.) and the University of Utah (program offered through Mechanical Engineering Dept.). Here are some other resources that should help in your search:

    The International Ergonomics Association Ergonomics Program Directory (ongoing compilation): http://iea.cc/directory/

    The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Directory of Human Factors/Ergonomics Programs in the USA and Canada (compiled 2002): http://www.hfes.org/publications/2002gradschools/TofC.html

    A partial listing of University programs compiled by Ergoweb Inc. (compiled 2001): https://ergoweb.com/resources/faq/questions.cfm#program

    Good luck,

    Peter Budnick, Ph.D., CPE


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    You can complete a PhD degree in Ergonomics at the University of New Brunswick through our Institute of Biomedical Engineering. Go on line to http://www.unb.ca and to the link for IBME.

    Jeremy Rickards, PEng. PErgo.

    Research Professor and Ergonomics Consultant.


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    Well, I don’t know whether this constitutes well known, but I have to give my props to my alma…


    Both Graduate and PHd options.


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    I am a graduate of the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY (close to Canadian border) and highly recommend their program. The Human Factors/Ergonomics Program is within the department of Industrial Engineering (http://www.ie.buffalo.edu/index.shtml). The graduate program is highly ranked (18th) and offers multiple research opportunities. You may contact Colin Drury ([email protected]) who is a distinguished researcher in the field and current Chair of the IE department, for more information.



    I had a good experience doing my PhD at the University of New Brunswick through the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) (mentioned by Jeremy Rickards) and the department of Mechanical Engineering. The IBME is a multi-disciplinary centre which has a majority of engineering students as well as clinicians and researchers.

    Another option is the Industrial Engineering Department at Dalhousie University where I did my MASc (they also have doctoral students). At my own institution, Universit


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    You should also consider Virginia Tech.

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