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    Does anyone know where I can get a side handle that will attach to an inline assembly tool such as a nutrunner?  I need one that can fit around a small diameter tool.


    Thank you.


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    Clamp-on side handles used to be available, but when I looked for one a few years ago they appeared to have gone off the market.  They used to be included with some larger size electric drills.

    My particular need was for new handles for a scythe that I had bought at a garage sale.  I took a 9 inch long bit of close grain 2×4 spruce, turned a 1-1/4 inch diameter handle 4-1/2 inches long at one end, drilled a hole through the wood slightly larger diameter than my scythe handle (can't remember how, probably drilled a series of small holes and then filed the inside smooth), sawed down to the hole from the end of the wood so it could be clamped, and added 1/4 inch diameter clamp bolts.  A hardwood would probably be better than my spruce, but the spruce was handy.  Contact me if you would like a photo.





    You may want to visit http://www.dgindustries.com/Ergonomic_Products.htm  They have an assortment of handles that may work for you.  Good luck.


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    In addition to the above, I've used the following products with success.

    Fist Grip Handles from Life with Ease

    Stirex PGB-1 from Intercodev

    T-grip and D-grip from Motus, Inc.

    Of course, in ergonomics, each case is different and must be analyzed separately to determine the best fix. Maybe one of these will work for you.


    Joe Fox, CIE

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