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    My question concerns the setup of monitors in sleep lab. The main monitor is in front of the worker like a normal computer workstation and is used frequently for inputting data from the sleeping pt. The other monitor is 41″ above the desk surface or about 6 feet from the floor. This second monitor is viewed only when the pt makes some noise or movement. Otherwise, it is ignored. The workers are discouraged from looking at this second monitor because their attention needs to be on the other one for inputting data. Are there industry standards for setting up a sleep lab with dual monitors that are used differently? Any suggestions as to where the second monitor shoulde be placed so it is not distracting to the worker but closer for viewing on an as-needed basis?

    One guideline for visual displays states that the area of most convenient visual regard has generally been considered to be defined by a circle roughly 10-15 degrees in radius around the normal line of sight. With this info, could one reasonably extrapolate that a secondary monitor should be at the outer range of this radius and perhaps no more than 20 degrees higher than ones normal line of sight for occasional viewing? Thanks,

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