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    I have a petite client interested in a high quality small chair. She has a LEAPV2, a nice chair, which works well in all respects except the armrests are too far apart (15.5" minimum width). I know there are specialty armrests out there, but they tend to be clunky and typically don’t align well with keyboard work. This woman occasionally wears children’s clothing and asked if there are children’s chairs available which I thought was a good question – but not one I have an answer for. The complicating factor is that this woman is in a high profile job where an executive style chair would be appreciated; not essential, but certainly a plus. Suggestions appreciated.



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     Hi David, Try the RFM petite Ray or Ranier chair with a highback.  It can be made in leather and with arms that are more narrow.  You will need to ask for the "Ray" arms that go low enough to get out of the way or just eliminate the arms all together.  I’m not sure who the rep would be in your area, but here is the website: http://www.rfmseating.com.  Also, the Knoll "Life" chair is good for Petite women..

    Hope that’s helpful!


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    I am current;y working with three petitie women who also need a very small chair.  The issue that I found is that the seat pan depth needs to be less than 17 inches with a taller central cylinder to raise the worker to the worksurface and keyboard height.  I am also looking for vendors for a sit and fit trial.  Thanks for the vendor information.   dr



    I suggest you look at the "A" size HermanMiller Aeron.  Its seat pan is short and its arms pivot inwards so they are actually usable.  All other "petite" chairs are only compromises.

    Don Morelli CPE

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    The Sitmatic Beta 063 chair with a petitie seat (PS option – 16 inches wide and 16 inches deep) and the +1M armpads (wide pads that overlap the seat) can have the armrests as close as 12 inches apart.  I have yet to find someone who needs anything smaller, but if this is still too large, Sitmatic will create a custom seats.

    Tom Adams, CPE 

    Cleveland Clinic 

    Cleveland, OH



    Thanks everyone for the information on petite chairs.  This has been valuable.



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    Thanks to everyone who replied to my inquiry about petite chairs. 

    Thanks to the group, I was able to locate a Neutral Posture XSM8300 sample chair, which seems perfect for this application.

    The small seat pan, wide variety of standard adjustment features and fantastic arm rests are all pluses.




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