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    The social assistance staff in the large municipal government setting where I work are using a new software program that is causing multiple problems. Google provides information on similar issues that have occurred in other provinces and countries using the same software. I have recommended accessibility and usability experts to assist a planned third party [software usability] review of the program.

    Many staff are complaining of symptoms due to the increased mouse use required. There are no keystroke alternatives/hotkeys available in this software and our in-house IT group are unable to create any (at this time). I have made some recommendations for alternate mouse use eg the Contour RollerMouse to reduce the reach to and grip of the mouse. We have a thorough office ergonomics program here and we are reinforcing and reviewing these guidelines for the staff involved.

    Are there any Ergonomists in this forum who have had involvement/experience in a similar situation? I would be interested in the details of that involvement. Any information that could be provided regarding any solutions that were developed to address/resolve the issues, even if they were not ergonomics related, would be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

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