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    Movement of the spine is necessary for healthy blood flow to both the hard and soft tissues comprising the spinal area. Also, alternating load pressure challenges to these tissues actually builds strength in the challenged areas.

    Is there a chair (sitting machine) that is touted for its active or passive encouragement of spinal exercise?


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    I remember two:

    1) CPM (continuous Passive Motion) Backrest that was developed in the early 90’s at the low back rehab engineering center at the University of Vermont. This project was led by Steve Reneicke and Rowland Hazard [email protected]. I think the company they started Ergometics may have fallen victim to a vagaries of economic ups and downs.

    2) A seat I saw in Las Vegas at the Nat Ergo Expo in Dec 2004, that had a motor under with some sort of CAM that created a continuous movement of the spine. In my opinion it was a great idea and the design still had a bit of refinement to go in the development process. The inventor was showing his prototype at the booth of the Soma Chair people. You can contact Carl C. Zdenek at Soma Ergonomics, Inc. [email protected] 510-883-9100 He should be able to hook you up with the inventor of this rather cool chair.





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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