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    Just wondering if any of you have used the Steelcase Amia task chair and what your general feedback is on the chair (adjustability and user feedback). 


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    The Steelcase Amia chair has been part of a loaner pool of chairs at the University for about a year now.  It is by far the most popular chair due to comfort and adjustability.  In my opinion, it takes the best features of the Leap and has lowered the price point considerably to allow for greater affordability.  The armrests are outstanding and the chair has fit both petite females and tall, slim men comfortably. 



     Hi Brooke-

    I have tried out this chair and have had clients purchase it, and have been happy with it.  Although it is not quite as adjustable or flexible as the Leap chair (recline tension is not quite as adjustable, although it is adjustable), it is also at a significantly lower price point so if you have a client with a $600 instead of a $900 budget, this is your best best.  I like the chair a lot and would feel comfortable recommending it to my clients.


    Hayley Kaye, MS, CPE

    Certified Professional Ergonomist

    HLK Consulting

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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