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    I am seeking information from ergonomists and rehabilitation specialists about their experience recommending or using tablet pc’s to use with specialized software.

    My situation:

    A physician with cerebral palsy and only right hand thumb, index and second finger function has been using a standard keyboard and mouse with poor results. The question; would a tablet, ie. handwriting recognition device give her more function than a one handed keyboard? She uses specialized software for chart notes. Its expected that any tablet system would write to a MS PRODUCT TO BE CUT AND PASTED INTO MEDICAL Db software. Please assume that the hardware system is compatible with the tablet. I’m most interested in the usability of these products, ease of use, best product design and reliability in the workplace.

    thanks for all posts,


    Beverly Burke

    Senior Consultant


    [email protected]


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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