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    I have been diagnosed through MRI with “tendinopathy of the ECU tendon accompanied by mild inflammatory fullness around
    it and also intramedullary high signal in styloid process of the ulna.” Two orthopedic surgeons have recommended surgery-basically cut out some of the sheath around the ECU tendon. I have been suffering from this problem for about six years but recently it has become much worse and as a consequence I wear splints most of the day and night.

    I would like to avoid the surgery so I am interested in buying ergonomic equipment that would help me. I am considering the Kinesis Advantage keyboard and the Goldtouch Adjustable Comfort Keyboard. Would you have a recommendation what is more suitable to me? It seems that flexion is responsible for the inflammation. Regarding the mouse-I am currently using the Cirque Easy Cat Glidepoint Touchpad. It is fine but I wonder if there is a better mouse for me? In the past I tried vertical mice but I found it inconvenient in the shoulder.

    Thank you very much for your help!




    Hi Jon.
    First, let me add a disclaimer– this post is not intended to be medical advice!

    So to continue.. I am a hand therapist and often see people with elbow discomfort. The aggravating motion/posture may be the wrist bending up or to the side (when your palm is down). Having said that, there are other muscles in play that may be pulling one of the forearm bones up creating an imbalance at the elbow joint (radial head). Consider consulting with a hand therapist who can mobilize the radial head and stabilize it in the correct position. A therapist familiar with Mulligan manual therapy and kinesiotaping may be very helpful. Of course, the therapist will need to information from the orthopedist regarding the condition of ulna and what they think is causing that.

    With regard to the keyboard, I like the Kinesis Freestyle keyboard. I separate the two halves to get the wrists straight and place each half on a slight tilt. Place the touchpad as close to the keyboard as possible to reduce reaching to the mouse.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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