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    I currently use a GoldTouch split style keyboard because of a minor wrist deformity. I am now shopping for something to use with my 8″ tablet and hopefully even keep in its folio. I have seen the Goldtouch Bluetooth Mobile but it really is still too bulky. And in my case, I am primarily interested in just getting a flat split-style keyboard. I don’t need the middle portion raised for this occasional use.

    Many of the non-ergonomic foldable keyboards are already split keyboards… but they are connected with the electrical connections. So, I was considering the idea of purchasing one of those, and cutting the two sides apart at the lower portion of the hinge. But, I am operating blind, as I don’t really know where the conductors are located. I also doubt that it would be easy to solder on a new connection between the two halves. The new Microsoft folding keyboard seems to be one option, though it is expensive for what it is. Cost is certainly a major concern, and I can’t afford to throw away a hundred dollars to try out something that doesn’t end up working well for me.

    Has anyone ever seen a thin, folding keyboard that is already split, or perhaps tried my idea of partially cutting apart a folding keyboard?

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